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Quality control
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Quality Control Flow


Quality control documents and records


The Company in accordance with the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system requirements developed a "Quality Manual", "Program Files", "incoming inspection specifications," "process inspection specifications," "Inspection Specification", "equipment operating specifications", "assembly operations guide book

"," Laboratory equipment operating instructions "and dozens of quality control documents, and in the production of documents in strict accordance with regulations. The company also has colleagues' incoming inspection record "," production process flow card "," product inspection record "," treatment failure notice ","

Preventive measures, "and" corrective action form "and dozens of quality control records form, the product of production under full control.

Commitment to quality books

Quality is the root, the credibility of this, term, quality first. Our production and sales of the company's commitment to quality products make the following:
One, all manufactured products meet user contract and the state (or industry) standards.
Two, purchased materials have qualified laboratory orders, acceptance of a single, and in line with national standards.
Third, purchased parts must meet the design requirements, and are available for parties of qualified products.
Four, Factory parts must meet the design requirements, each product must first inspection, self-inspection, special inspection, confirmed after passing into the next process or storage.
Five, finished or semi-finished products in full compliance with the design requirements and quality control records tracking, quality problems, well documented, evidence may be correct, substandard goods are not allowed to leave the factory.  

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